Custom jewelry. Personalized by you. Don't wait for anyone. Do it yourself with an online designer.

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Tell your story

Do you love handmade because of the story behind every piece?
Here the story is written by you. From start to finish, you decide how your jewelry will look like. And because it's made by you, your piece has a meaning like no other before.

* may vary depending on shape and knot pattern

Real and beautiful

Brought to life with traditional metal casting technique.

"I was speechless. Something that was only a dream was here, in my hands. So real and beautiful."
Wojciech Czerniak, Sertae creator


Gold Plated Polished




32.83 x 35.66 x 2 mm*



You get what you see

Your design is live with instant 3D preview. Same model will be 3D printed and then used as a mold for hand crafting your pendant.

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Different by design

Small and big parts are customizable. Details you will fall in love with.

The journey continues

Each material and finish has unique look and feel, choose the one you like best. Where do you take it from here is absolutely up to you.

Unique as you are.

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