Jewelry Materials Guide

Choose the right metal to create unique jewelry

When you're creating a custom piece of jewelry, every detail matters. We are offering a diverse but not overwhelming variety of jewelry materials for you to choose from: sterling silver, brass, and bronze. Each of them has unique properties and meaning. And we are also offering a wide assortment of different finishes for each material.

It's not only about appearance, although this is one of the most important qualities of jewelry. But your aren't here for just any jewelry. You want to create an exquisite, one-of-a-kind piece of beauty, either to express your personality or to give someone your love. It's worth your time to take extra care and select the right material from which your piece of jewelry will be made.

Take into account factors such as hypoallergenic properties, or the durability of the look which you find most appealing. Also, each of the materials and finishes requires a specific amount of time to be prepared – usually two or three days. We’ve provided individual timeframes for each material and finish. Look for them on the sub-pages of respective materials.

Brass - ancient jewelry metal with history

Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc. It has a cool golden hue, very elegant and striking. It is a durable metal and doesn't require frequent cleaning. What is more, our brass doesn't contain nickel and thus is very unlikely to cause an allergenic reaction. It is a perfect jewelry metal.

Brass is a vibrant metal. It is best known for being used to create musical instruments and so it has an ability to carry sound and music. Wear brass to hear the music around you.

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Sterling silver - most precious of jewelry materials

Sterling silver, otherwise known as 925 silver, contains usually 92.5% of pure silver. It is a lustrous, beautiful, discrete and elegant. The most recognizable among jewelry materials. If you wear it often, it won't tarnish easily. But if you leave it lying in a jewelry box, you will have to clean it before wearing to restore its exquisite shine. Our sterling silver contains also copper and zinc.

Silver has the highest electrical conductivity of all metals. It transfers electricity, energy, vibrations – even emotions. Wear silver to be connected to people and ideas around you.

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Bronze - jewelry material which marked a new era

Bronze is an alloy of copper and tin. It has a golden, slightly reddish hue, dignified and original. It tarnishes rather fast but we offer a PU coating to protect it. It is often used to achieve an antique look of jewelry. Our bronze doesn't contain any other metals apart from copper and tin.

Bronze is one of the oldest alloys used by humanity. It has been used to create tools and weapons, but also bells, coins, jewelry, and ancient mirrors. It's practical and beautiful in a fierce, primal way. Wear bronze to connect with the deepest roots of human nature.

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