About us

Our Vision

Everything we do an own should have a meaning.

Our Business

With the partnership of i.materialise everyone wins. Their expertise in manufacturing and shipping quality products is amazing and based on years of experience. We've asked ourselves: why not left this part in the hands of professionals? And that's exactly what we've done.

They will secure your payment, deliver beautiful quality precious metal casting and handle safe delivery to your location. It's also a reason why during the checkout you will be redirected to their website to finish the order. They're the best.

This way we can focus on our mission.

Our Mission

We want to make a social impact by promoting new ways we manufacture items of everyday use. By focusing on delivering personalization experience, not seen ever before, every created item is special. At the end of the day you can safely say that this beautiful piece of art you are wearing is #HandmadeByYou.

Each item should be unique, each made to order, each one needed and loved. #NoWaste future begins now.

We're famous.

Sort of. They writing about us!