How To Design Your Own Jewelry

Designing your own jewelry could be quite complicated. Usually, the process requires some back-and-forth between you and a designing assistant. It results in a piece of jewelry which may or may not be perfect.

We have done away with the tedious process. Find out how to design your own jewelry in minutes – and see the result at once.

Step 1
Design your custom piece of jewelry using our app

Choose the shape of the piece of jewelry. Decide on the more technical details, like the type of hook. Choose the metal: brass, bronze, or sterling silver. Then, decide on the finish. We have quite a few in our offer, ranging from natural finishes bringing out the true colors in brass and bronze, through glossy finishes, right up to special effects. Check out our Materials section to find out more about the materials and finishes we offer. Find the one that’s perfect for you.

Design Your Own Jewelry Now

Step 2
We make the piece of jewelry according to your design

We use 3D-printing to prepare a wax model of your design. Then, using the wax model, we cast the piece of jewelry in metal. When it’s ready, we give it the finish you desire.

Only a part of the process is done by 3D-printing. The rest is mostly done by hand. Your custom piece of jewelry receives special, individual treatment from start to finish. It is truly made to order and manufactured with care and attention. This is how we make personalized jewelry.

Remember that we don’t have your designed piece of jewelry lying in a warehouse. We only start making it after you submit your design. The lead time may take up to 16 days depending on the material and finish you choose.

Step 3
Make it complete by adding a chain or a leather string

Your custom pendant will come sans chain. To make the necklace complete, find a fitting chain, a leather string – or any other sort of string to complement the pendant. We are trusting your imagination and taste.

When it’s ready, start wearing your personalized jewelry and enjoy the feeling. You are the sole owner of this piece of beauty. No one else has it. And it’s been made just for you.

Now you know how to design your own jewelry

If you’ve ordered the piece of jewelry as a gift for someone else, don’t forget to tell them that it has been created by you. You could even take a picture of their overjoyed face when they find out how meaningful your gift is. And how much you love and cherish them. Make this moment into a memory which will keep you both warm and cozy whenever you need it.