Manufacturing partner

is part of the Materialise group (Nasdaq: MTLS). With their expertise they are preferred partner for many large and medium professional companies. The i.materialise division is a gateway to this expertise and knowledge for artists, makers and designers. This is also a huge win for consumers whose receive quality products not matched by anyone else.

That's what you get with over 25 years of experience accumulated since 1990. And when you share this know-how, world-class 3D printing software tools, large-scale 3D printing capacity with entrepreneurs you empower them to create products that were not possible before. Personalized jewelry is one of them.

In their own words:

For us, 3D printing means creation. It means possibility, innovation and imagination. Every day we see the potential of 3D printing grow a little more, and we owe this in part to the limitless creativity of our customers. We are driven by our belief that 3D printing can change the way things are done, and by our need to discover everything 3D printing could do. We can’t wait to see what you’ll create next.

Our thoughts? Exactly the people we want to work with.

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