Delivery options

Our partner responsible for shipping, i.materialise, is always using UPS for shipping your orders. For transparency they have flat rate shipping which varies for each country. Check the table below for exact shipping rates.

United States

UPS Express UPS Ground
15.50 USD 6.50 USD
UPS Express Two Days UPS Express Next Day
15.50 USD 30.00 USD

Rest of the world

Delivery Region UPS Standard UPS Express
Asia 19.95 EUR
Australia 23.50 EUR
New‑Zealand 23.50 EUR
Benelux 6.30 EUR 9.50 EUR
Canada 19.50 EUR
European Union 9.50 EUR 13.50 EUR
France 8.60 EUR 13.00 EUR
Germany 6.30 EUR 11.00 EUR
Latin America 19.95 EUR
Middle‑East 19.95 EUR
Africa 19.95 EUR
Scandinavia 9.50 EUR 13.50 EUR
United Kingdom 8.60 EUR 13.00 EUR

Delivery Time

Delivery transit time for shipment depends largely on destination and will take UPS 1-5 days. You will receive an email with the UPS tracking number, which you can use to track your package.

You can read full and always up to date information about delivery at our manufacturing partner website in their shipping info article.