Custom 3D Printed Jewelry Explained

Since the boom of 3D printing, jewelry designers have jumped on the bandwagon. At first they designed their own models using CAD software. And then the revolution happened. Designing has become easier and more intuitive. It’s available to everyone with some technological savvy. Now you can make your own 3D printed custom jewelry.

3D Printed Jewelry Crossing Borders

With traditional jewelry the rules were simple. Goldsmiths, silversmiths, jewelers had the monopoly on designing and making jewelry. They used only traditional techniques. If you wanted a custom piece of jewelry, you had to be prepared to pay an expensive price and wait for a long time. And you still couldn’t be sure if the jewelry would come out as you wanted it. Sometimes, the jeweler had a different artistic vision. And sometimes technology was the obstacle.

Customer Became Designer

Now, everything has changed. You can design your own custom 3D printed jewelry and have it made in 10 days. The software which is used to design 3D models allows you to see the result before it is printed. There is no room for anxiety and misunderstanding. You get what you see.

More and more jewelry designers invite their customers to take part in the creative process. New apps are developed to make designing intuitive and simple. You can design your 3D printed unique jewelry in minutes – and be sure that only you will have it.

Technological Fusion

3D printed jewelry is made in a way which connects cutting edge technology with traditional metal casting. A model is 3D printed in wax and then casted using traditional methods.

This is the core of the revolution. Creating a model used to be the most difficult part of the process. Now it is simple. And the possibilities are endless!

3D Printed Jewelry Made New

What used to be impossible without 3D printing is now widely available. Designers can play with negative space to make astounding designs. They create new daring shapes and use materials which have never been associated with jewelry before, like polyamide. The new designs are often minimalist and shocking, allowing for greater self-expression.

And there are new and exciting sources of inspiration! Designers draw freely from the areas of science, biology, mathematics, kinematics. This is a fusion of science and art, and a completely new take on breathtaking jewelry.

Even traditional, historical inspirations are defined in a new way to make striking, impressive jewelry.

3D printed custom jewelry is created by artists, engineers – and you. It connects domains which used to be completely separate, and allows laypeople to have a say. This is a new way of designing, and we are happy to be a part of it. Design jewelry with us!