A Tribute to Our Heritage

Memory and history are a treasure trove of inspiration. At Sertae, we love getting inspired by things old and new. And we love making things which in turn inspire others. Our jewelry is a tribute to our heritage.

The Roots of Humanity

In a way we are paying tribute to certain cultures. For example, Knotwork was born from our admiration and awe for the heritage of enigmatic Celtic knots. But it is not just that. By acknowledging things long past and giving them a way to thrive in the contemporary world, we are paying tribute to what made us as a species. And we’re going back to our roots to discover more.

Every culture brings something new into the human experience. Different perspectives, different ways of doing things make us richer as a species. Every step on the path of history, every new technological development, every groundbreaking philosophical theory made us what we are today.

Alchemy at Sertae

Our jewelry collections draw from the heritage of different cultures. Also, a large part of our production process is done using traditional methods. This is our bow to the past. But we also look to the future.

We’ve combined 3D printing with traditional metal casting to make jewelry faster and better. This fusion of old and new empowered us to develop the application which allows you to design your own jewelry with us.

We blend together things belonging to different categories, even different worlds. We believe that everything is connected. But our world is based on divisions. At Sertae, we break down the boundaries and create new, amazing things. We do alchemy.

Sertus Means Entwined

The word “sertae” is a Latin word with a few different meanings. It means clover – not just the four-leaved clover for luck, but any clover. If you look closely at this common plant, you’ll see that it’s a trinity. Three equal leaves are connected to make a whole. And this brings us to another meaning. “Sertae” is a feminine plural form of the adjective “sertus”, which means bound together, entwined [1].

We bind together and interconnect ideas, technologies, and people. Our mission is to create a community of different people with similar values. We believe that when you bring together a mix of many different parts and make art, the results are astounding.

Do you want to become a part of our community? Bring your ideas and feelings into the mix and design jewelry with us! Let’s make beautiful things together.

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