Handmade Quality Jewelry

Would you agree that handmade jewelry has a soul? We certainly do!

The Perfect Mix of Technology and Tradition

At Sertae, we’re juggling a lot of seemingly contradictory ideas. In the process of designing, we’ve given you, our Customers, freedom. We’ve stepped down from the throne of high designers to let you decide what you want. Our Customers become the designers and we only provide the technology to make it happen

And at the stage of production we’ve availed ourselves of the technological advance without losing sight of tradition. Our jewelry is manufactured using 3D printing and traditional metal-casting methods. This means that your jewelry is not only designed by you, it is also mostly handmade.

How We Create Handmade Quality Jewelry

First, you design your perfect piece of jewelry. Then our manufacturer, i.materialise, turns your idea into a piece of art. They print a 3D model of your design in wax.  This is the only moment when machine technology is used. Then, the wax model is attached by hand to similar models. The whole structure is covered with plaster and baked to melt away the wax. Then, molten metal is poured into the resulting mold. When the metal cools, your piece of jewelry is detached from the others, cleaned and hand-polished.

Handcrafted Jewelry Takes Time to Make

In a world of mass-produced goods the “handmade” tag often makes things more valuable. Not only with relation to price, but also in terms of meaning and symbolism. Handmade quality jewelry has been touched by its maker. As you have put time and your ideas into designing the piece, so does the maker put in his effort and hard work to make the idea real.

It is also more time consuming to make. Each piece of jewelry is handcrafted with great care and has to be started from scratch when you place your order. Mass-produced jewelry often keeps lying around in dark warehouses. It is cold and untouched, with musty dust settling on top.

But our jewelry comes to you fresh and new.

It will be almost vibrating with the life of its manufacturer’s halls. It will be almost warm from the touch of people who have made it. It will be filled with laughter, careful touch, and pride of its makers. Handmade jewelry connects you to other people.