Jewelry with Meaning

Imagine someone who lives their life surrounded by objects based on their practicality.
They have only six spoons, because they don’t need more.
Their shirts come only in white and blue, because they don’t need more colors in their life.
They have only books to read for work.
They don’t wear jewelry. They don’t decorate their house. They have no use for art. Or fun.
And their dog is never a friend, only a watchdog who will bark at burglars.
Imagine such a life.

What does it lack? One word: meaning.

We at Sertae love to surround ourselves with meaningful things. We love creating things which are not only beautiful but also symbolic. Things which make people’s lives richer. Like our jewelry.

We’d like to invite you to our world of meaningful jewelry.

How Can Jewelry Have Meaning?

Jewelry becomes meaningful in many ways. It may be a family heirloom: a signet ring given by father to son, accompanied by stories of comradeship and strength. Its meaning is clear. It says: you belong to this family. This is your history. It is a powerful symbol to wear on your finger.

Another way to make jewelry meaningful is to give it as a loving gift. The person who receives a thoughtful gift of jewelry will think of the giver whenever they wear it. They will feel appreciated. A gift of jewelry that has meaning can make even the worst day better by reminding your loved ones that they have you.

Custom Jewelry with Meaning

Another way to make jewelry with meaning is to create it with your own hands. Things you make yourself are special. When you put your ideas, effort, sweat, and time into making something, it stops being just a thing.

It becomes a message.

There is no surer way to show someone your love than creating something just for them. But how?, you ask. Of course, you’re not a goldsmith. You’ve never made a piece of jewelry in your life. But what if you could design custom jewelry online and have it made according to your design?

The Power of Symbols

There are many kinds of symbolic jewelry. Starting with ancient Celtic knots, through ancestral jewelry, through crown jewels, right up to our modern charm bracelets. They are inherently symbolic because they have been given meaning by the cultures which created them. We can borrow these meanings to enrich our own lives.

This is what we do at Sertae. We help you create symbolic jewelry inspired by different cultures. For example, you can create a Celtic knot pendant using our Knotwork app. The whole experience of creating a piece of jewelry is designed to let you layer meanings and symbols. Each stage adds something new, making the piece of jewelry truly unique. Making it a vessel for a message.

Write Your Message Today

It can be a message to yourself. Maybe you’re prone to bouts of negativity. Maybe you sometimes forget your priorities. Your dreams. Maybe you get lost navigating the maze of daily obligations.

What you need, then, is a beacon. Something you will have close at hand. A thing which will remind you where to go. What’s important. Why you’re doing what you’re doing. Create your own meaningful jewelry and make it that beacon.

And it could also be a message to someone you love. Create a piece of custom jewelry with meaning just for them. Let them wear a reminder of your love and support. Because from time to time, everyone needs to be reminded how important they are.