Design Your Own Jewelry with Sertae

Are you bored with mass-produced jewelry?
Are you frustrated with low-quality products which you have to throw away much too soon?
Do you know your own mind?
Are you unique?
Have you answered yes? Perfect! Because, so are we. And so do we.
Welcome to Sertae. Welcome to the world of unique.

Design Your Own Jewelry Today!

With out revolutionary app you can design your own jewelry online – right now! Choose the product which you like best and start designing with our intuitive app. It’s that simple.

And it’s fun!

Custom Jewelry in Minutes

You don’t need drawing skills to do that. You don’t even have to tell us, what you want. Just start designing in our app and you’ll see a 3D visualization of your design. There’s no room for misunderstanding. You get what you see.

Perfect Materials, Perfect Finish

Design your own jewelry and have it made using the best quality materials. We offer nickel-free brass, bronze, and pure sterling silver. Each alloy has a choice of finishes to give you even more possibilities. Explore the different options and find the one that’s perfect for you. You don’t need to compromise and wear something that’s almost right.

You’ll know the exact makeup of your jewelry, to the last percentage point of each ingredient. Mass-produced jewelry is a little bit like a dingy fast-food: you will never know for sure, what’s in it. When you make your own jewelry, you are the chef. You know exactly what you put in the pot.

Jewelry to Call Your Own

Do you sometimes feel like a slave to fashion? Fashions change as fast as a rushing river, and if you don’t keep up, you may start drowning. So step out of the current and create your own fashion! Design your own custom jewelry and make it universal. It’s unique. And it belongs just to you.

A custom piece of jewelry may even become a family heirloom. Our jewelry is made to be durable and strong, to serve you with its beauty for many years to come. Design your own jewelry in silver or gold to make it last. Your unique design will be timeless – always floating above the treacherous currents of fashion. Always exquisite. Always yours.

Meaningful Jewelry

Are you hungry for meaning? We are living in a world which is mostly material. Our lives are busy and rarely do we find time to just stop and breathe. To enjoy the warm wind on your skin. To appreciate the sunset.

But what if you could wear a piece of beautiful meaning with you all the time? Design your own charm necklace and make it symbolic and meaningful as you intend. Whenever you look at it, you will remember what’s important to you. When you make something yourself it stops being just an object. It contains a piece of what’s best about you.

Jewelry with a Promise

Dear Sertae,
I want to design my own jewelry. I promise to make it unique. I promise to make it beautiful. And I promise to give it meaning and make it important to me. I want to design my own jewelry online.

If you can honestly sign your name under these words, we are happy to oblige! We promise that you will receive a great-quality piece of custom jewelry. We promise you the unique experience of creating custom-made jewelry just for you – for an affordable price.