Ecology at Heart, Eco-Friendly Jewelry at Sertae

At Sertae, we get inspired by nature and our jewelry symbols often refer to the natural. But symbols are empty if they aren’t supported by actions. As we draw so freely from the riches of nature, we are determined to give back.

Let us show you our eco-friendly policy.

Green Manufacturing Without Waste

Mass-producing cheap things is paradoxically more wasteful than making things to order. When you produce cheap jewelry in huge quantities, you use up a lot of resources and energy. Then, the product is transported in huge cargo ships across the ocean, and stored in warehouses until it is sold – or not. If it is not sold, it’s thrown away and becomes a part of the huge mountains of trash filling our landfills. This is hardly sustainable business.

Our way is more Earth friendly. We make jewelry to order. This means that every piece of jewelry we make is wanted and treasured. No surplus will be thrown away. There is no waste.

Eco-Friendly Materials Are High Quality Materials

Nowadays, “environmentally friendly” is often synonymous with “safe”. Thus, our eco-friendly materials do not contain harmful lead. The alloys we use are also of high quality and aren’t contaminated with cheap additives. This means that they can be recast if need be.

Also, if anything goes wrong and the piece of jewelry doesn’t come out as designed, it can be recast and improved. This is due to our largely handmade process of manufacturing. When creating custom-made jewelry we give ourselves time to aim for perfection. Mass-production doesn’t allow for this consideration. Any piece of mass-produced jewelry which doesn’t meet the expectations is discarded. But there is no throwing away our jewelry!

Environmentally Friendly Products and Recycling

Our green manufacturing process begins with 3D printing a jewelry model with a wax-like resin. It is melted in the process of shaping jewelry and can be reused for making other models. And when we pour molten metal into a mold, it goes in by means of a sprue. Usually, some metal remains in the sprue and has to be filed away from the piece of jewelry. We don’t throw it away, either. It is recast to make another environmentally friendly product.

You Can Be a Part of This

Taking care of our planet is not just a cliché. It is a real responsibility. At Sertae, we are treating this responsibility very seriously. We are doing green business to help out even just a little. Nature has given us so much, it would be a shame not to give back.

If you treasure your own integrity as we do ours, feel free to become part of our movement. Design your jewelry with Sertae.