Personalized Jewelry

Jewelry Which Says More Than Just a Name

Welcome to the world of unique! If you have found your way to Sertae, you must be a seeker of the unique. Of the extraordinary. And of the meaningful. You are seeking a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry. Something which will be created just for you, something peerless and original.

And we have it.

Personalize with Flair

There are various ways to personalize your jewelry. For many people, personalized jewelry is jewelry with your name on it. Or your SO’s name. Or your BFF’s name. Or your child’s name. Your cat’s name? Or even your cactus’s name? Well, you get the drift. Putting names on things seems to be the last word in personalizing jewelry for some.

Not for us, though.

We’d rather personalize jewelry with flair. There is so much more you can do to make a piece of jewelry truly unique! There are so many ways of expressing your personality. Are you only a name? Or a collection of your loved ones’ names?

Of course not!

You are intricate. Your are unique. Sometimes, your thoughts meander to wild, uncharted terrains. You have so many passions. There are so many words you can use to describe yourself, but they will never be enough. Why? Because even language can’t encompass all that you are. You can start with your name – but there is so much more to you than that.

Jewelry That’s Just Right

At Sertae, the process of personalizing your jewelry starts with a choice. You can choose one of our applications to determine the main style of your jewelry. Let’s say you’ve picked Knotwork, either because you are a fan of the Celtic jewelry, or because you love untangling knots and mysteries. Or because your life is complicated and you want to express it. Whatever the reason: your choice is made. What follows?

In Knotwork, you create a Celtic knot pendant. Now you can choose its shape – and each shape has a different meaning. Will it be round to show your striving for perfection? Or a heart – to express your sensitivity?

Then you can choose the metal and finish. There are many to choose from, and each represents something different. Check out our materials section to find out more.

Finally, you can design the unique pattern of Celtic knots on your pendant. What will they signify? It is up to you.

Personalize for Others

Giving personalized jewelry as a gift is a great idea. Jewelry is beautiful and precious. If it is well-designed and durable (like our personalized jewelry is), it becomes timeless. And the person you give it to can wear it all the time, and thus remember you and your love. Because everyone has days when they have to be reminded they are loved.

But this is where it gets tricky. See, it’s easy to put a name on a bracelet and hope your loved one will like it. It is more difficult to design a truly unique, thoughtful personalized jewelry for someone else. You have to know this person intimately. And you need to craft the piece of jewelry with great care. Ultimately, you may have to help them decode the message you have enchanted in the metal.

But imagine how they will feel when they find out how unique this gift is! After you design it, the manufacturer will make it, starting at creating a wax model. They won’t just engrave a bulk-made piece of jewelry. They will start from scratch. And that’s where the magic is.

If something is made to order, it is made just for you. This is the magic of unique.

Do magic now