Made-to-Order Jewelry

There are many shades of made-to-order when it comes to jewelry.

On the one end of the spectrum, you have the Quest option. You need to go on a quest to mine the perfect ore of precious metal, then deliver it to a legendary smith, who will create your piece of jewelry. Lead time: indefinite. Meaning and value: infinite.

On the other end, you have the Quick option. You can go online, choose a mass-produced piece of jewelry and have it engraved. Lead time: almost instant. Meaning and value: little.

And then, there is the Quality option. This is what we at Sertae have to offer. You can go online and design your own, perfect piece of jewelry. It will be made from scratch by experienced engineers and smiths. Lead time: 10-16 days. Meaning and value: as much as you give it.

Custom-Made Jewelry by Sertae

At Sertae we are meeting you halfway. You don’t need to go on a perilous quest to get the best quality custom-made jewelry. Our designing and production process has been made simple and convenient, yet meaningful.

With us, you can design the jewelry you want. There is no room for misunderstanding. You’ll see a 3D visualization of the design instantly. Then, it will be made to order. Our jewelry is made using the highest quality materials, and every piece receives an individual handmade finish according to your design. Never before has custom-made jewelry been so easy to create!

Why Choose Made-to-Order Jewelry?

Everyone is special. At Sertae, we believe in creating unique jewelry for unique people.

Also, we hate wastefulness. When huge amounts of cheap jewelry are mass-produced, whatever doesn’t sell will be discarded. Thrown away. Wasted.

Making custom jewelry allows us not to waste things. When we make an individual piece of jewelry, we know it will be cherished. It will last a long time because we always use the highest quality materials. And nothing will be thrown away.

Jewelry which is made to order is also more meaningful. It is designed by you – either for yourself or for someone you love. By creating a custom-made piece of jewelry you are sending a loving message, and we are happy to be the messenger.

If you’re looking for a gift, made-to-order jewelry is perfect. It is a thoughtful, intimate present to give someone you adore.

You can also treat yourself! The experience of getting made-to-order jewelry is luxurious. At Sertae, it is also affordable. Treat yourself to an amazing experience of having jewelry made just for you!