Bronze Jewelry Is Not To Be Trifled With

Reaching as far back as the 5th millennium BC, bronze is one of the oldest alloys used by humanity. It's a distinguished metal – not only because of its age. It was also, and still is, versatile. It was used by ancient warriors for making weapons; by merchants, for making coins; by artists, for making sculptures and jewelry. Also, the first mirrors were made from polished bronze. Beautiful women and men could see their allure in full splendor thanks to bronze.

Bronze bears the weight of millennia of human glory and achievement. It is solemn and portentous, yet primal, connecting you to the deepest roots of human culture. Ancient and dignified, bronze is not to be trifled with.

Our bronze is an alloy of copper and tin. Copper makes up most of any bronze alloy, giving it the slightly reddish hue. Tin serves to strengthen it. Even though tin may sound commonplace, it is actually counted among precious metals. There is no nickel in our bronze, so it is safe to wear and shouldn't cause an allergenic reaction.

Standard production time for a bronze piece of jewelry is 10 business days.

We are offering the following finish options for your brass jewelry:

Polished PU Coated

This finish brings out the bright golden hues in bronze. PU stands for polyurethane – a polymer which will protect your bronze jewelry from natural oxidation and scratches. Your piece of jewelry will be covered in PU and then polished in a magnetic tumbler. It's a polishing device which uses a magnet to spin steel pins around a piece of jewelry. The result is glossy and reflective, and very durable.

Natural PU Coated

Clear PU coating doesn't change the natural color of bronze. It protects your bronze jewelry from oxidation and damage. Surface covered with PU will be slightly glossier and more reflective than uncoated jewelry.

Natural (Uncoated)

This natural finish allows your bronze jewelry to tarnish over time. Very soon, it will look old, even antique, as the patina of time covers its surface. Your jewelry will be exposed to the elements, protected only by the natural oils in your skin. This primal, even primitive quality will let you explore the roots of humanity to the fullest.

The patina may also stain your skin green. If you'd like to avoid this, choose the Natural PU Coated finish. It will look almost the same, but your skin will be protected from staining.

And if you wish to renew your uncoated jewelry and remove the patina, you can easily clean it off with baking soda and some lemon juice. It won't, however, remove any scratches resulting from mechanical damage. These scratches will remain as battle scars on your jewelry forever.