Unique Celtic Jewelry with Meaning

Celtic jewelry is still very much in trend. Some choose it for its meaningfulness. Some for its pagan roots. And others simply because it is beautiful. Celtic jewelry with meaning doesn’t only look good. It is also symbolic, and some even believe it can have magical properties.

The Meaning of Celtic Knots

Celtic knots especially are very expressive, and their mystery still hasn’t been completely unraveled. Some interpret the knots as representing one’s journey in the world. They could also mean the never-ending cycle of life on Earth. Some ascribe to the knots the power of binding lovers forever. And to some, untangling a Celtic knot could become a way of achieving enlightenment.

What we know for sure is that knots are most powerful when created with your own hands. Ready-made knots are saturated with their creator’s own meanings, so they won’t do you much good. Like with everything else, you need to have an active part in creating a knot to truly call it your own. That is why we’ve developed Knotwork.

Knotwork: Design Your Own Celtic Jewelry

With Knotwork, you can design a beautiful Celtic pendant. The shape and intricacy of the knots embedded in its surface are up to you. You can also choose the overall shape of the pendant, the type of hook, and the material and finish.

Each part of the process is important and adds a new layer of meaning to the necklace. Choose the right shape, the type of knotwork, and the material and finish to create a Celtic story bound in a piece of jewelry.

Our Celtic jewelry store does not offer you ready-made solutions. With us, you can create unique, completely personalized Celtic jewelry that has a meaning. And you can do it all by yourself, right now – using our Knotwork app.

Design your own Celtic jewelry now

You can create a piece of jewelry for yourself. But you can also give it as a gift! Design a pendant which will express your love and good wishes towards your loved ones. It is a perfect gift for Mother’s Day, for birthday, or for an anniversary. Create a unique piece of Celtic jewelry for those you love.

Celtic Jewelry for Your Mom

If you want to give your mother a truly unique gift, a Celtic necklace is the perfect choice! Every mother loves the handiwork of her children. Remember, how proud she was of the pictures you drew as a child? Don’t you think she would appreciate a piece of unique jewelry designed completely by you?

Knotwork offers you many choices to design a piece of Celtic jewelry for every mom. You can choose elegant High Gloss Silver, or mysterious Antique Silver. There is also timeless Bronze, and melodic Brass in many colors. Check out our gallery to see all the possibilities.

Celtic Jewelry for Her

If you’re looking for a gift for your fiancĂ©e, girlfriend, or wife, Celtic jewelry with meaning is the way to go! Design a beautiful pendant for the woman you love! Make her happy with a personal, meaningful gift.

Celtic Jewelry for Him

Are you looking for a perfect gift for your fiancé, boyfriend, or husband? Seek no more, because we have the perfect solution for you! Design your own Celtic jewelry to make your man feel cherished and loved. Use our Knotwork app to design a pendant full of symbolic meanings. Tie love, masculinity, and power in one perfect piece of jewelry.

Celtic Jewelry for Your Daughter

Mothers and Fathers, your daughters are special. They need you to show them how beautiful, strong, and powerful they are. Celebrate your daughter’s birthday or an important moment in her life by giving her a personalized piece of jewelry. By designing a Celtic knotwork pendant, you suffuse it with meaning and your love.

There are many shops which have Celtic jewelry for sale. But only ours gives you an opportunity to make fully personalized jewelry expressing your love. Try it now!

Is it going to be a gift for Mother’s Day, for birthday, or for another special occasion? Remember that the production time for a custom piece of jewelry may take up to 16 days.