We Proudly Announce New Brass and Silver Jewelry Finishes

We are constantly improving for you and expanding our offer. Our goal is to give you as many possible choices without overwhelming you with the variety. From this day on, our finish choices for sterling silver jewelry will include the Antique Silver option. And our finish choices for brass jewelry will include Red Gold Plated Brass, Chrome Plated Brass, and Black Color Plated Brass.

Antique Silver Jewelry: an Interplay of Light and Shade

The Antique finish makes your sterling silver jewelry appear ages old. It looks particularly well on designs which have very uneven surfaces. If some areas are more deeply set than the outer surface, they will be dark and shadowy. The outer areas of the jewelry will be silvery and polished, reflecting the light. Antique silver finish makes for jewelry of deep contrasts.

The effect is achieved by intensive oxidation. A piece of jewelry is treated with sulphur to make it tarnish quickly. At this stage, the whole model is dark and tarnished. Then, the outer surfaces of the piece are hand-polished to achieve a high gloss effect.

Many Shades of Brass: Red Gold, Chrome, and Black to Suit Every Taste

Brass is our most affordable alloy. Until now, we’ve offered only Natural PU Coated and Gold Plated Polished finishes. As of today, our offer will include new colored finishes for brass: Red Gold, Black, and Chrome.

Red Gold Plated Brass

With this finish, a piece of jewelry is covered with a thin layer of 18k red gold. Next, PU coating is added to protect the jewelry from scratches – it’s more durable, and receives a 6-month warranty. It is then polished for more shine.

This finish is luxurious and original, yet affordable. Due to the process of electroplating which is used to achieve this effect, the layer of gold is very thin, but covers the piece of jewelry completely. The PU coating makes the layer stick better.

Chrome Plated Brass

This finish is rarely applied to jewelry, because it contains small amounts of nickel. The effect, however, is so striking, that we’ve decided to include it in our offer anyway. If you’re positive that you don’t have a nickel allergy, or intend to wear this piece of jewelry over clothing, choose this finish for a unique chrome experience!

The Chrome Plated finish is quite time-consuming. It adds 6 days to the standard production time of brass jewelry. The reason for this is that it takes two rounds of electroplating to achieve this effect. First, the piece of jewelry is electroplated with copper and nickel which help chromium attach. Then, it is covered with a thin layer of chromium. No PU coating is necessary, because chromium is one of the few metals which forms its own protective layer when exposed to air.

Black Color Plated Brass

This is another time-consuming finish. It, too, adds 6 days to the standard production time of brass jewelry, making it a total of 16 days before shipping. The finish is lustrous and black, and one of its components is palladium. Palladium is a metal similar to platinum, which is also very costly and quite rare.

This effect is achieved by electroplating a piece of jewelry with silver and palladium. Then, a colored black PU coating is added. We’re offering a 6-month warranty for the PU coating.

This finish is not merely black. It glistens in a sort of oily, sinister way, and sometimes seems almost alive. It is very impressive, creating jewelry for the dauntless and powerful.